Our Programs

CIEC Program Outline

CIEC manages all students’ study plan and campus life under this program on behalf of their parents and guardians.

Managed Program

  • Study and live under the strict control of CIEC during training
  • 500 minutes of lessons per day and variety activities to relieve stress
  • The best program for parents who are hesitant to send their children to study because of their safety

Family Program

  • The best family training program embracing all family members of all ages
  • Solution to all parents’ concern on their preschool children and their English skills.
  • Various activities like swimming, Zumba and others that are held in the school aside from their studies

Overseas School Program

  • Preparation for admission and entrance into any prestigious school in the Philippines
  • Transfer to a target school after adapting to the Philippines’ education system in CIDEC as well as improving your English skills
  • Career solution after their studies in Philippines with CIEC education experts
  • Preparation of IELTS or TOEFL to obtain target scores for studying abroad in the English-speaking countries