Overseas School Course

Overseas School Course

It is one of CIEC’s managed overseas school program which manages perfectly from students’ basic living to acquire academic grade by preparing and reviewing after school.

Later, students who aim to enter the leading University in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia can connect with other CIEC’s study abroad programs and admissions consulting experts.


Enrolled Students at International or Private Schools in Cebu.

A student who enters a prestigious school after completing school preparation course will be transferred to this course.

Composition of Classes:
Weekdays: Attending a School / Night : 1:1 3H (Tutoring)

School Classes:
Students need to manage their academic grades because all classes are graded with passing or failing marks based on the tasks and test results. There are many academic workloads and tasks because they are based on an American curriculum which has lots of debate and project base classes.

With the specialized tutors, students prepare their assignments and review their lessons to manage their academic grades.

Professional Consultations:
In addition to students’ living status and academic grade, we provide them with various professional consultation on setting their goals, selecting majors and studying overseas.

  • Junior Academic Course will be offered when the school is on vacation and break period.
  • There are no alternative classes other than night classes in the case the school will close.

Time Schedule (Example)

Time Overseas School Program Overseas School Course Remarks
08:00 ~ 12:30 Attending School Go to school (By CIEC’s van)
12:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch Lunch box provided
13:30 ~ 17:05 Attending School Dismissal (By CIEC’s van)
17:10 ~ 18:20 Dinner
18:20 ~ 21:10 1:1 : Review / 1:1 : Preview / 1:1 : Essay Preparation for an Exam and homework or improvement of English ability