Philippines K-12 Regular Curriculum Program

CIEC is the international campus of CIDEC, which is the official school of K-12 in Cebu, Philippines.

Founded in 2000, CIDEC (Cebu International Distance Education College) is a K-12 regular school (School ID : 404428) recognized by Korean Ministry of Education that are using the method of “Distance Education” in the Philippines such as Korea National Open University.

CIEC as CIDEC’s 2nd campus for international students only are conducting new concept educational program, combined with the advantage of distance learning that is free from time and space restraints and the merit from traditional face to face learning, applying CIEC’s own expertise with its abundant human resources, in which the students can complete a regular grade in the Philippines and improve their English ability at the same time.

CIEC-CIDEC’s Completion of the School Year CIEC-CIDEC’s Early-Transfer CIEC-CIDEC’s Local or Foreign University Entrance
  • Students who are not satisfied with short-term training during vacation
  • Students who want to take mid and long-term training for about one year but hesitate because of the school registration
  • Students who want to improve their Academic English proficiency besides ESL-based English skills
  • Students who have to go to targeted school to enter but need a period of adjustment such as English or Philippines’ school subjects
  • Students who cannot enter a school in time for admission period in Philippines, which usually starts in June and August
  • Students who feel uncomfortable with face-to-face learning due to age, introvert personality or physical problems
  • Students who are in High School or have no clear goals for their career
  • A student who is a late bloomer that is not in harmony with their own country’s competitive education system
  • Students who have a goal to go to a foreign university instead of a university in their own country

After studying the Philippine school subjects and completion of relevant school year, students return to a school in Korea at an age-appropriate grade level

Ex) Grade 2 CIDEC G3 when they return to Korea, (Grade 4)

After improvement of English skills and adapting to the Philippine education curriculum, students transfer to their targeted prestigious schools at age-appropriate grade level

After having a high school diploma and obtaining an English score from an authorized test, a student can enter to an Asian and English-speaking Universities.

  • Before the start of the course, the student must confirm with the schools where he/she is planning to return after the completion of a grade in Philippines if they accept him/her at age-appropriate grade level since it is at every principal’s own discretion, in which CIEC and CIDEC shall not be held responsible for.

A School recognized by Korean Ministry of Education

A school recognized by Korean Ministry of Education is listed in its Website (http://moe.go.kr) Main Page : Policy > Elementary, Middle, High School Education > Education Course)


A Regular School in the Philippines

A regular school certified by Philippines Ministry of Education (DepEd: Department of Education) with School ID: 404428


No Time Restriction

  • Ability to enter the school anytime because of no time and place restriction
  • Ability to complete other school’s one year curriculum within 6 months(no break and vacation)

    Focus on Study

    • Concentrating on their study without being affected by vacations and school’s event
    • Being able to study and learn the content repeatedly until the student understand the lessons

      Easy Adjustment

      • Ability to improve their English skills and adjust on how to study regular subjects in the Philippines
      • Ability to transfer to other schools easily after adjusting
      • The support on the procedure from CIDEC’s Registrar


        Grade 1 ~ Grade 12 (Basis of the grade of K-12 private schools in the Philippines)


        Composition of Classes

        Weekdays – CIDEC School Subjects and English / Night – 1:1 or Group (Tutoring)

        CIDEC School Subjects

        Students are taught 1:1 or in small groups with CIEC Academic team of teachers using the academic module provided by CIDEC.

        English Class

        To improve the English proficiency of students, they take the ESL Base English class at the same time.


        Students have time for supplementing the lessons through tutoring for the completion of grade and preparation of graduation exam.

        Professional Counseling

        In addition of CIEC’s academic management, and CIDEC post-transfer preparation, there are also a variety of professional counseling options regarding set-up of academic goals and choices of major, career paths, and studying abroad at prestigious universities.