School Preparation Course

School Preparation Course

CIEC’s Specialty Admission Program, 100% Admission Success Rate

We Enter to Discover and Leave as Achievers.

Systematic preparation is required for admission to any prestigious schools in the Philippines where academic subjects based on American-style education are taught in English. With the CIEC Academic Team, which is organized exclusively for early study abroad students, please take the first step to your children’s successful study abroad.

Grade 1 ~ Grade 10

Composition of Classes:
1:1 6H + Self Study

Reading, Math, Science, English Subject, Speaking, Interview


Taking CIEC Placement Test and English, Math, Science Test
Establishing admission strategies after identifying current English proficiency and weak subjects
Selecting 1st to 3rd preferred schools to attend and initiating professional counselling

Until 30 Day Before the Exam

Improving basic English skills and preparing for examinations (English, Math, Science)
60~70% of English + 40~30% of other subjects (weak subjects first)
Checking the application process and the schedule of each destined school

Until the Day Before the Exam

Focusing on solving the problem by using CIEC Placement Test
Practicing interview in English intensively
Finishing submitting all required documents for admission and keeping monitoring the 2nd and 3rd preferred schools

Time Schedule (Example)

Time Overseas School Program School Preparation Course Remark
08:00 ~ 12:30 1:1 : Reading / 1:1 : Math 1:1 : Science / Vacant (Review/Homework) 3H
12:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 17:05 1:1 : English Subject / 1:1 : Speaking 1:1 : Interview / (Review/Homework) 3H
17:10 ~ 18:30 Dinner
18:30 ~ 20:20 G : Self Study 2H
  • The minimum period of this course is 3 months, but based on students’ level and each school’s admission period, it can be prolonged.