Preparation for Departure

Preparation Before Leaving

Item Preparation before entry into and departure from the Philippines
Passport, Visa You must ensure that the validity of the passport has over six months left and keep the passport safe with a copy of it separately in case it might be lost. Please check in advance whether a visa for entry in the Philippines is needed or not.
Flight Ticket You must check the schedule of the flight in advance and keep a copy of it separately in case it might be lost.
Exchange, Credit/Debit Card In case of money exchange, you must change peso to USD with 100 USD bill since the charge of the exchange with the bills below USD 100 costs more. You should bring a credit/debit card that can be used abroad. CITI bank applies the lowest debit card fees.
Travel Insurance It is compulsory to purchase travel insurance for safety before enrolling in CIEC and please submit the insurance policy and its copy to the person in charge.
Picture 2 Pictures for SSP(4.5cm X 4.5cm / 2 Passport photos or 2 3 X 4 photos(1 picture for ID)
Notarization and Entry Permit Tax for Under 15 In case of unaccompanied students under 15, a notarized affidavit of support and consent and 3,120 pesos of entry permit tax needed to be exchanged before departure are required. The entry permit tax must be prepared in your country. (Exchange available at a bank)
Resident Registration in English 1 original copy of resident registration in English is needed when you enter the Philippines with your children. (Names on it must be the same as your children’s and your passport)
Other Documents for Entry You should print an admission letter and a written confirmation on pick-up at the airport and present them to the immigration if they ask to.

Item Preparation for Class and Study
Electronic Dictionary All students are required to bring either an electronic or paper dictionary.
Reference Books A grammar or conversation book, a math workbook and a novel they read at their leisure etc
Writing Tools, Note Books These can be purchased locally but better to buy them in your home country. (pencil, ballpoint pen, note book, highlighter and post-it note etc)
Pocket Notebook It is good for your memos.

Item Clothes and Others
Clothes Short and long sleeved shirts, thin jackets, short and long pants, sleepwear, underwear, socks, hat etc
Household Items Cosmetics, toilet tissue, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towel, hair drier etc(These can be purchased locally)
Sunblock Make sure to use a sunblock with a high SPF(Sun Protection Factor)
Footwear Slippers, sandals, sneakers etc
Swimsuit, Swimming Goggles These (2 pairs) are necessary when using in the swimming pool and activities in the resort.
Emergency Medicines Cold medicine, fever reducer, diarrhea medicine,, headache pill, digestive medicine, allergy pill, mosquito repellent, ointment, Band-Aids and other medicines your child is taking. (If you or your children are taking prescription medicine, please bring the prescription in English.)
ll-Shaped Adapter Extension Cord, Battery for electric devices (AA or AAA)