Regular Curriculum Course

Regular Curriculum Course

Number of “Module”(Learning Package) per Grade and Subjects

CIEC as the CIDEC 2nd Campus authorized by the DepEd can offer 1st ~ 12th grade school classes in the Philippines.

Subjects Elementary Junior High School
Grade 1~3 Grade 4 Grade 5~6 Grade 7~9 Grade 10
Filipino 5 5 5 5 (Similar to Elementary Levels)
English 10 10 10 10 10
Science 10 10 10 10 10
Math 10 10 10 10 10
Social Science Subjects 10 10 10 10 10
H.E.L.E / T.L.E Completes the subject after finishing 4 subjects per every grade level (see below)
M.A.P.E.H Completes the subject after finishing 4 subjects per every grade level (see below)
Values Completes the subject after finishing 4 subjects per every grade level (see below)
In the Philippines, there are 4 assessments for “grading” in a school year.
1st Grading 2nd Grading 3rd Grading 4th Grading
After studying Modules 1 & 2 After studying Modules 3~5 After studying Modules 6~8 After studying Modules 9 & 10
  • H.E.L.E / T.L.E.: Home Economics & Livelihood Education / Technology & Livelihood Education)
  • M.A.P.E.H.: Music, Art, Physical Education & Health
  • Values: Character & Moral Development, Religious Education, Spiritual Development, Citizenship Education, Personal Development, Social Development, Cultural Development
  • For Senior High School (Grade 11 & 12), another curriculum composed of philosophy, management, marketing, basic accounting, a graduation thesis, OJT(On-the-Job-Training), etc is applied and CIEC provides special care to prepare them for university and college.
  • Completion of 1st through 4th grade in a 6 months are our main objectives. Completion is based on his/her learning achievements that finish within 6 month schedule.

Time Schedule (Example)

Time Contents Remark
08:00 ~ 12:30 Regular Subjects Class (English, Math, Science, Social Science etc) English Classes; ESL / Academic English or IELTS/TOEFL based on students’ English ability and goals
13:30 ~ 17:05 Regular Subjects Class (Arts, PE, Religion etc) and Academic English
18:20 ~ 21:10 Group (Tutoring) – Review, Preview, Homework and Preparation for the Exam English supplement classes available
  • Based on the student’s English proficiency, the ratio of regular subject classes and English classes is changeable.
  • Depending on the result of the entrance examination, the student can start with the junior academic or intensive sparta course.
  • If the student or his/her parent decides to transfer to another school, the refund for the remaining period will be subject to the CIEC refund policy.
  • CIEC-CIDEC shall not be held responsible for the suspension of the program or transfer to another school due to the student’s failure to complete the grade.