CIEC Junior Camp

CIEC Junior Camp

Special Junior English Camp CIEC Only Provides to Nurture Global Talent

Creating a lifelong love of learning for every child.

The students are able to enhance their study habit and attitude as well as improve their speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar and vocabulary in English by attending the intensive immersion English programs for 10 hours every day.

The students are able to improve their confidence in English by upgrading their level with the teacher in charge of education who analyzes every student’s strength, weak points and learning problems and compliment each student for their improvement and hard work.

The selected teachers live together with the students in order for them to use English expressions they learn in their classes and check their English improvement, physical condition and life adaption carefully through the 24 hours-close managing program.

The students are able to develop proper values by visiting an orphanage and experiencing new cultures through various activities as well as relieve their stress due to their academic performance through island hopping, city tour etc.

Even though the program is used to be called “spartan style”, the managers lead the students to experience community life through mutual understanding, explanation and cooperation. Moreover, all teachers and managers conduct personality and emotional education in which the students are able to learn, understand and respect with one another.

Features & Benefits



Grade 3 ~ Grade 10 (Students who are outside the scope of the subject target need to consult it beforehand


Composition of classes

1:1 4H / Group 3H / Special Activity 1H / English Diary & Vocabulary Test 1H / Self-Directed Learning of Mathematics 1H

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
Debate-centered classes by level in a free atmosphere

Daily Activity

Various activities with the teachers related to the lessons (Quiz etc.)


Self-Directed Learning

Writing an English Diary, checking daily vocabulary (Personal vocabulary booklet)



Issuance of certificate and individual report card to measure their ability after the camp


In-Depth Care

Upload of all pictures and video clips of the students to SNS


Self-Directed Learning of Math or Basic Korean

Self-directed learning in math under the teacher in charge or Basic Korean class


Care System

Teachers, managers in charge and security guards who are residing in the center for 24 hours


Weekends Activities

Chances to make an unforgettable memory which they can revitalize their body and mind


Outreach Program

The outreach program with a special certificate will help students learn to consider their neighbors in need

Time Schedule (Example)

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
07:50 ~ 08:50 Wake Up/Morning Stretching/Wash Up/Breakfast/Preparation of Class
09:00 ~ 11:50 1:1 and Group Classes (3H) Wake Up/Morning Stretching/Wash Up/Breakfast/Self-Directed Learning
12:00 ~ 12:50 Lunch Island Hopping Tour Resort Day Tour Outreach Program Papa Kits City Tour
13:00 ~ 17:50 1:1 and Group Classes, Special Activity (5H)
18:00 ~ 18:50 Dinner and Preparation of Self-Directed Learning
19:00 ~ 21:50 Self-Directed Learning and Snack Time Math(1H), English Diary(1H), Vocabulary, Vacation Homework Screen English Break and Phone Call with Parents
22:00 ~ 22:30 Rest, Clean Up and Ready for Bedtime