Introduction of IELTS

IELTS(International English Language Test System) is an international English language proficiency test that is jointly developed and administered by the British Council, the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the Australian IDP(International Development Program of Australian University and College). This exam which is similar to TOEFL evaluates an English ability of the examinees from non-English speaking countries for the purpose of their universities entrance in the Commonwealth countries(Academic Module) and their immigration (General Module). In the USA, over 200 universities have officially recognized IELTS as the one of admission criteria and around 2.2 million people have taken it every year.

Section of IELTS

Sections Time Questions Composition
Listening 30 Minutes 4 Sections 40 Questions
  • General questions through dialogue and explanation between two people on traveling, renting a house, living in a university in the first 2 sections,
  • Academic topics and questions in other 2 sections through dialogue between a professor and students on a research subject and a lecture at an academic conference
Reading 60 Minutes 4 Sections 40 Questions
  • Texts excerpted from articles by nonprofessionals in a newspaper, a magazine, a periodical publication, a book etc
  • Texts on the general topic including graphs or figures and Texts on the subject of logic
Writing 60 Minutes

2 Tasks (150~250 Words)

  • First task(150 words) : Academic Module – analysis and  comparison of data and information given in figures or tables / General Module – Drawing a letter of gratitude, complaint, request etc based on the situation
  • Second task(250 words) : Writing opinion, solution etc with logical reasons on the presented topic
Speaking About 11~14 Minutes 1:1 Interview

Introduction of TOEFL iBT

The TOEFL iBT evaluates the student’s ability to use and understand college-level English. It evaluates the student’s ability to read, listen, speak and write in English to effectively perform the task with academic themes.

Sections of TOEFL iBT

Sections Time Questions Composition


60~80 Minutes 35~36 Questions Answering the questions after reading 3~4 academic passages
Listening 60~90 Minutes 34~51Questions Answering the questions after listening to a lecture, a debate in a classroom, and conversation
Break 10 Minutes
Speaking 20 Minutes 6 Tasks Expressing the opinion on familiar topics and speaking based on the presented reading and listening tasks
Writing 50 Minutes 2 Tasks

Making essays based on the presented reading and listening tasks

Time Schedule (Example)

08:00 ~ 12:30 1:1 : Reading & Writing / G : Each Part / G : Each Part / 1:1 : Weakest Part 4H
12:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 17:05 1:1 : Vocabulary / G : Each Part / 1:1 : Listening & Speaking 3H
17:10 ~ 18:20 Dinner
18:20 ~ 21:10 G : Each Part / G : Each Part / G : Weakest Part 3H
Composition of Classes:

1:1 Reading & Writing:
It aims at learning the basics of reading and writing and improving one’s overall skills.

1:1 Listening & Speaking:
It aims at learning the basics of listening and speaking and improving one’s overall skills.

1:1 Vocabulary:
It aims at laying the foundation for obtaining one’s targeted scores by learning words and vocabulary from the basic to advanced.

Group (Each Part):
It provides the chance to check one’s strengths and weakness to prepare the actual test effectively by practicing every section of the test in depth.

Group (Weakest Part):
It helps the students to overcome their most weakness among every section.

There are differences of contents among every group class according to the students’ levels and the results from CIEC placement test, weekly test, etc.

CIEC IELTS Score Guarantee Program

Item Basic IELTS 5.0 Course 5.5 Course 6.0 Course 6.5 Course
Features of CIEC IETLS Program
  • Achieving non-English speaking students’ goal in obtaining the required IELTS score to study abroad
  • Reaching the targeted score required from the universities in the U.S and other countries within 3 months
  • Successfully taking the entrance qualification from the universities abroad with the CIEC-CIDEC  program
  • Offering a personalized course that can be achieved with a firm goal by providing simultaneous admission to overseas universities and professional career counselling
Objectives English Improvement + Basic IELTS Students who enter TAFE in Australia Students who enter Universities in the English-speaking world

Requirements (CIEC Mock Test Available)

None CIEC EPT(Above Elementary Level) Over LV3 Over TOEIC 490 or IELTS 3.5 Over TOEIC 650 or IELTS 5.0 Over TOEIC 730 or IELTS 5.5
Regular Class
  • 1:1 – Reading
  • 1:1 – Writing
  • 1:1 – Listening
  • 1:1 –Speaking
  • Group – PRE IELTS (3hrs)
  • 1:1 – Reading
  • 1:1 – Writing
  • 1:1 – Listening
  • 1:1 – Speaking
  • Group – Preview & Review (3hrs)
Night Class Group Class – Instructor-led Classes
CIEC Weekly IELTS Mock Test
  • All students in this program must take the IELTS mock test every week.
  • The schedule of the IELTS mock test is usually held every Friday
  • Regardless of their level, all students must take same IELTS mock test.
Condition for Guarantee No Guarantee / No Benefits
  • Enrollment of 12 weeks or more
  • Disqualification from over 2 school warning
  • Disqualification from over 2 unauthorized absences
  • Disqualification from over 1 absence of weekly mock test
  • Disqualification from over 2 low scores compared to their previous scores during their mock tests
  • One free IELTS official Test
  • Free tuition fee only if the student obtains his/her target score
(The conditions stated above must be strictly complied)
  • The start dates of above program are scheduled based on the actual IELTS test date (Based on British Council Academic Module Test). Please be sure to consult beforehand.
  • The test date and venue can be subject to change due to any local circumstances.